The background

The German-European Center, short DEZ, acts as promoter and mediator between Chinese and German medium-sized enterprises for the successful market entry in China The figures speak for themselves – with 170 billion euros trading volume China was Germany’s most important trading partner.

President Xi Jingping and premier Li Keqiang started the global initiative “One Belt, One Road“ and “the expansion of free global trade”.

The local Chinese governments created “marketplaces” for European medium-sized enterprises in the cities Hangzhou, Huaian, Nanjing, Chongqing and Taiyuan. Here companies can directly present their products and services, found locally and / or generate partners and supporters at all levels. Thus, there is nothing standing in the way of joint development of future markets. Entrepreneurs from both countries can work even more closely, cooperate more intensively and profit from the cooperation. DEZ supports you throughout the process to lead your company to success.

The offer

Assistance for the strategic market entrance

Market data and examination
Strategy planning and development
Company formation, and partnership, M&A, etc.

Support on marketing and promotional strategies

Sales partnerships
Permanent exhibitions for European products / roadshows.
Education and training of employees
Communication concepts etc.

Organization and process development on site

Apartment and personnel search
Due diligence tests
Building of management structures etc.


The DEZ services are broad and
can be tailored to individual company requirements