German-European SME center in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Description

The city is the capital of the Chinese province Zhejiang, one of the 15 Chinese sub-provincial cities and the center of the Hangzhou metropolitan region. The actual city reagion has more than 8 million inhabitants and is situated in the mouth of the Qiantang river in the Hangzhou bay. The Grand Canal commences in Hangzhou, which is an important connection to the north of China. The city is still today an important trade and production site for Chinese silk and Long Jing tea.

DEZ in Hangzhou

The German-European SME center is located in the governmental economic and technological development area Hangzhou Yuhang (Qianjiang). The area is 32 hectares. Projects on-site: German-European SME center, German China Sensor Park, De Ou Li (housing projects for employees and foreign professionals) and other related projects